About Me and My Love for Dogs

Welcome dog parents! One of the biggest things about me is my compassion for animals. Even as a child, I would read books with facts about dogs and how to train them.

I could never imagine living life without a dog companion, so I want to share what I have learned about the importance of keeping your dog healthy, since we want them to live as long as possible. A lot of people are unaware of the long term, harmful effects most well known established dog food brands available at regular supermarkets and grocery stores.

Growing up with several dogs in the family, my parents just bought what they believed was good for them when we would go grocery shopping. Needless to say, none of our dogs seemed to be in the best of health by their senior years, and didn’t live far past 10 years old, if that, depending on the dog.

When I started working in the all natural/organic foods and vitamins and supplements industry, it helped me learn more about not only healthy choices for humans, but for pets too!

All of the education gained through this industry has improved the health of my dog more than I had imagined. Now that she’s 13 years old, I can really see the results of changing the way I shop the care of my pup.

It All Started with My First Dog as a Young Adult

At 16 years old, certain circumstances had me already on my own, paying my own bills, learning to be as responsible adult.

On 17th birthday, I still didn’t have a pet and I DESPERATELY wanted a dog. My mother, who also loves dogs,  surprised me with a trip to the animal shelter to pick out a dog to take home. I found 5 month old Maggie (took 2 weeks to come up with a name) and then began our journey learning about raising a puppy correctly, on my own.

Being so young, I didn’t think about the ingredients in her food, didn’t keep up with vet appointments, (although I did get her spayed as soon as she was old enough) but she got plenty of exercise going on walks, hikes, and playing fetch. Within a couple years, I started learning about dog nutrition, and about how harmful the food I was currently feeding her was, since that’s when I got into the health food industry. Upon doing my own research, she started showing one of the symptoms and I took her to the vet immediately!

After that, I knew I had to make some changes to benefit her health to keep her living happy like a puppy as long as possible.

Awareness and Education is Key!

With each vet appointment, I would ask my veterinarian any questions I would have at the time about Maggie’s health, and anything I should do for any improvement needed.

Each breed of dog will have different needs, or behaviors to be aware of. For example, my dog is half beagle, so after taking her to the vet a few times for being sick, he had informed me that beagles tend to eat whatever may look or smell edible to them, regardless of it potentially being harmful. Ever since, I make sure she doesn’t try to eat ANYTHING while going on walks.

Always ask your vet about anything you aren’t sure about when it comes to caring for your dog. Every dog is unique, and will need care and maintenance specific to their type of breed or any preexisting health conditions.

Passing on the Dog Knowledge

13 and still playful!

I have created this website so I can help others keep their puppies healthy and happy, just like my Maggie, with some dog health tips. We’ve gone through trails and errors, and been given education from the veterinarian himself, to help teach me how to properly care for my pup.

She’s a 13 year old puppy. She may take more naps than she used to but she still has the spunky youthfulness. Anyone that meets her is amazed how energetic she can be at her age.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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